1. By using transport stencils

* you can use any medium while doing this

Step 1 first do the back ground because if you make the centre transport first then while doing the background your picture may get spoiled.

Step 2 put your stencil wherever you wish too and start painting

Step 3 you can add whatever you want too by using your creativity quotes, flowers, borders, etc. Anything you like so you can add your own unique touch too it.

The best thing about making these is that it is very easy to make them and they come out very pretty.

2. Jenga canvas

This is super easy and super cute to make. It looks very original

Step 1 first take any blank canvas and try to write any letter or draw whatever you want to I would prefer a letter.

Step 2 then stick it with glue or hot glue

Step 3 paint the jenga pieces however you want it is your choice if you want to paint the pieces before or after sticking them

Step 4 then do the background how so ever you want again up to you if you want to do it before or after I went for a old painted wall look

Step 5 this step is an option if you want to add something to it like I added flowers.


Under this topic I’m going to tell about easy ways to make useful products which are both cute and do no harm to any plants or to our earth.

1. How to turn a simple shopping bag into an attractive one

For example this one

You can easily turn this plain cloth bag into an attractive bag all you need is :

1. Sponge

2. Acrylic paints ( a container to put water into )

3. Any material to decorate like sketch pens

Step 1 : you start by using some pastel shades cover half of the bag with one colour and the rest with another if you don’t want to cover the whole bag then cover the half with two colours you can also use various colours and make a colourful galaxy.

Step 2 : Let it dry. After it has dried I reccomend to use any black marker on the bag as it gives a good effect. You can write quotes, sketch or draw anything on it.

This bag can be used for many purposes you can take it to school, put books, tiffin, use it as a shopping bag or anything you want to use it for. Just like this in two simple steps a stylish and attractive bag is ready.

2. An old basket can be turned into a cute basket.

Material required :

1. Yarn

2. Hot glue gun

3. Stickers

Step 1 : put hot glue gun at the lowest point of the basket and start wrapping yarn around it I reccomend to use a light colour continually keep on applying hot glue while wrapping yarn. There is no need to cover the whole basket it depends on what you like while you want to end it make a small not and stick it inside the row and cut the rest of the yarn.

You can even use two shades like dark blue and light blue.

Step 2. Take stickers and decorate it if you want to use it for laundry write laundry, if kids want to use it for storing toys write toys it depends upon your needs.

In these ways you can make a lot of usable stuff just by simple methods and no harm will be made to our environment no paper will be used and not a lot of money will be used.


For making different types of bookmarks easily first you need a unique idea which will make your bookmark different here are some…

These are some ideas on how you can create a different bookmark.

To make these you will need the following material :

1. A sheet

2. Scissors

3. Water colours and a paint brush

4. Clear tape and paper tape

5. Pencil any black marker ( make sure to keep an eraser also so that you can erase it if any errors occur or while outlining if the marker goes in the wrong direction you can erase it )

6. An empty container

Step 1 : fold the sheet into half and cut it then cut another half of the sheet and cut it into two by doing this with both the halves of a sheet you will get eight rectangular pieces of paper.

Step 2 : fill the empty container with water ( don’t fill the container till the top ). Then apply paper tape on all four borders of a rectangular piece of paper making sure that only the border is covered and rest of the sheet remains empty. Paste it on any firm surface like your desk.

Step 3 : choose any colour and colour it make sure to keep something below it while painting like a newspaper and also make sure that the paint does not seep in through the tape. Do not use a lot of water or too little if you want to use two or more shades then paint one half of the piece of paper in a different colour and the other half with another colour. Like this you can use as many colours as you want.

Step 4 : wait for a few minutes and let the paint dry and after that write a quote or draw something you can even draw a design or pattern on it with pencil, after that is done make sure to outline or trace it carefully so that it doesn’t get spoiled. After doing this remove the paper tape from all sides.

Step 5 : your bookmark is almost ready, if you don’t want a white border then cut the white portion from the sides. So that your bookmark doesn’t get spoilt after a few uses cover it with clear tape in this way you can laminate it on your own and increase its life.

This method can be used for making any size bookmarks.

Another way to make a different bookmark is by making cartoons.

Step 1 : take a sheet of paper and draw a cartoon on it. Any type of cartoon can be drawn by using a book or from your favourite TV show or just making up a character on your own.

I like to use this book for copying cartoon figures.

Step 2 : outline it with a black marker add the details too.

Step 3 : colour it you can use any medium of colours, although I reccomend using wax crayons or sketch pens.

Step 4 : cover it with clear tape.

And your bookmark is ready use your own ideas and make something different.

These were some different ways in which you can make your own bookmark.

Instead of just making a lot of bookmarks and putting them to no use give your school the idea to sell hand made stuff on PTM’S and give the money to a charity you can use your creativity for a better cause and in this way you will not be wasting paper encourage your friends also to do so.

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